Sunday, May 6, 2012

Views of Pot

One of the most critical issues I brood over while rolling my joint, is to where my eyes would be gazing during the whole of my reflections with each puff I grasp...

Taking into account that I commenced smoking from within dark allies of unsecured corners, at times to feel secured from a chunk of fuzz, and other times in the shades and snugness of a clunker, eyes wary to both its sides, passing joints like documents beneath tables, giggling away whilst passersby us unsuspecting. Even at home, crawling like a snail on ceilings, dodging the hassle in a shell of considered lies, against family and chums. For all I knew,  a bit of them take turns in snitching, I can't even bewilder if my parents handed me over, to a dungeon burdened with products of our system...

Years passed by, appearances and locations alter, there was no need to bustle, living within cities of no culture, smoking a joint would be considered self-murder. Still, I corner my hidden comfort, while silence creep into my soul, no one to know, no one to wonder.

Flashing back, I never been aware to the line of reasoning why I was a pothead wander; reactions on actions, strict cultures, with piles of tradition, work and relations, I can go on and on, with accusations and justifications, but one thing's for sure, I always wondered!

At the time, I never stumbled upon any magical paths of enlightenment, nor could I spend hours of introspection, not just yet, but I just felt fitter and finer about almost everything and anything, considerable, hard working, adopting balanced ethics, I gain new knowledge, experiences, naturally reflecting on my behaviors. After all, ITS ALL NATURAL, isn't it!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Blame it on Weed

Smoking pot for almost a decade, I journey through colorful encounters among crowds, family and folks that care most about me, while am acting defensively in the vicinity of dating Mary Jane.

The birth of marijuana in my life was of pure recreational custom, with an excuse of working in the service sectors, bartering the variance of personalities on habitual seating's, witty amusement, delightful insanity; revelations of stress, absence of sleep, a lifestyle out of shape in body, nearly in soul.

Smoking pot to me is aligned with attitude and character, and I have always attached smoking marijuana to my positive thinking. unlike alcohol devotion, which used to arise in pursuit of adverseness and emotions, assembling me aggressively towards solving my mysteries, bringing me to dire ends.

Flammable liquids, flustering feelings, feeling slumber, for a while...

I always believed that my life is fostered in mist, even though my first puff of the magic dragon felt awe-inspiring, almost indicating the kick of comprehension, with whims of an awaken moment…Oh! I felt at ease, tickling my mind with dreamy thoughts, energized and horny in adolescence . That day, I forsake my voluntary madness! no more of those dry morning throats; hangovers, mewling, puking, like a baby... 'Drunk on breast milk'. 

As I force myself to the discovery of feelings, becoming more, at peace with myself, and many others! Satisfied, with stress levels pronounced dead, I didn’t know why at first 'It just happened!' and as I continue to blaze, I endure kissing more skies. I anchor down, review my life in a series of mental movies, beginning with cataloged attitudes before organizing thoughts, accommodating issues surrounding my life; Reflections and self-reflections , nothing more!  only to conceive pessimism, only to consider happening reasons, for a reason! it didn't matter, there are always more doors to be wide open...

I realize that many things we usually enjoy can sound, look, taste and feel better once we're stoned, this realization is usually confused by comparing it to terms of illusion, but that is absolutely a misconception. Yes, it does take the edge of approached issues, after I smoke my way in, but only because I take note of the simple things I am blessed to enjoy from within and around!       

Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Puff, I Pass...

I finally snagged my Medical Marijuana license, and after all those years of sketchy and skimpy smoking behind closed doors ventilated with desire, unable to enjoy or reflect within special moments of flavor, I never could deny the benefits of smoking weed since I was 21 years of age, living in a very dry region, with extremely dry minds!
Coming from an approved alcoholic drinking background, and piles of unpleasant memories followed by awful hangovers while drinking myself to near death, with a challenge of how far one could go, and how bad things could go after, and boy was I lucky!

With frustration and pursuits of life, how can I relax?... Smoked a fag every now and then! that was fine and dandy , but the smell is awful I could not lay down a thoughtful kiss on my wife's lips , and it became a habit I wouldn't shake for so long, let alone the cancerous chemicals it should gather!!!

What about DRUGS?!!! Gosh No. it’s dreadful enough, that we have access to the legal poisons from cigarettes and alcoholic beverages, but I was nowhere close authenticating destruction to my health and life.

Still, I managed to find my junctures, just like in pictures and movie scenes , confident with a contagious smile (and suspicious enough) for people to asked and for me to answer: “No, am just happy” but since you've asked! what do you mean by “Are you High?”

I couldn't figure it out at first; I've heard of 'being high' is somewhat spiritual in experience, otherwise, I believe it means am DEAD high. But I had my casual and usual suspicion; they said its Drugs! Now they say it’s natural. I told them it’s illegal, they told me: have a Puff!

With a puff followed by a pass, a cheesy broken English accent, said : Sharing is Caring! Alright, Puff Puff Pass… Wait a second, I am not drunk, my stomach feel like its been hugged by a cloud, and am actually craving for a nice meal with no headaches to cure, drinking water like its the first time in my entire living life; for the first time, I wasn't trying to avoid any hangovers, I can even drive with perfect balance while floating on an overwhelming buzz, that feels more like a head massage, fulfilled from within the veins of my brain. At this moment explicitly, I recall the first time I had a drink of alcohol, losing my balance with a mournful buzz, I couldn’t walk "let alone drive!" shrugging water mixed with aspirin like a nomad in the desert, and a stomach that only welcomes junk food to beat its painful hunger... I puffed and I passed my way out this malignant cycle...

Waking up, at peace, contented and collected, I buoy my senses back to  shores of delight, with a nice and healthy breakfast, a cup of fresh coffee, and a new cycle to began with :-)...

Not forgetting my casual puffs and passes!